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Thank you for downloading AndroMouse 5.0. This is the place where you learn how to setup AndroMouse, download AndroMouse Server, ask questions and help others.

AndroMouse 5.0 lets you convert your Android phone into wireless mouse, keyboard, media remote, file browser and much more. Communication with your computer can be made using your WiFi network or using using Bluetooth. AndroMouse features most mouse functionalities including click, doubleclick, drag, scroll and rightclick. You can use your standard Android touch keypad as a wireless keyboard. In addition, AndroMouse also provides a ton of extra features. Most popular features other than mouse and keyboard include speak-to-type and file-browser. Relax in your couch and search Google or Youtube with your voice. Compose an email with your voice instead of using your keyboard!! Browse your computer files in your phone.

Here is a sneak peek on what’s new in AndroMouse 5.0. Some of the images provided below are from older version, but the functionality will be the same.

Just in case if you have not downloaded AndroMouse in your phone yet. Here is the link:


  • Several bug fixes
  • New cleaner UI
  • Improved file browser
  • Added – custom keys
  • All features are now available in Free version


  • Several bug fixes
  • Ability to change themes
  • Improved UI
  • Improved bluetooth connection

Getting Started

Here is a quick tutorial to get you started.

Connecting to the Server
To use AndroMouse, you will need to download the AndroMouse server and run it in your computer that you want to control. AndroMouse server runs on Windows, Mac or Linux. The latest release is AndroMouse Server 5.0. Please download the AndroMouse server from here.

Latest server update date: 5/21/2016
Note: You will need to have Java installed in your computer in order for the server to run. Most computers should already have java installed but if your computer is missing Java, please download and install it from here.

Note: If you want to automatically load AndroMouse server everytime your computer loads. Do one of the following
Windows: Copy the server file into startup folder. You can do this by right clicking on startup folder(Start>All Programs>startup) and select open.
Mac: Go to system preferences>login items>add.

Note: To connect using wifi, please connect your phone and your computer to a same wifi hotspot.

Note: When you run the AndroMouse Desktop server for the first time, you may receive security warnings depending upon the operating system.
Mac Warning: You may see following message when you run the AndroMouse server for the first time. Just right click on the downloaded file and click on open.

Windows Warning: You might get Windows Security Alert saying that Windows Firewall has blocked some features. You must select Allow Access to use AndroMouse. If you are having issues connectiong with the server, your AndriVirus software might be blocking connections – please open Java SE binary for incoming and outgoing connections. You can also limit connections based on IP addresses.
Linux Warning: When you double click on the AndroMouse Desktio 5.0.jar, you might see a message saying the file is not marked as executable. To fix this follow these steps. Right click on the file and select properties. Click on ‘Permissions’ tab on top and check on ‘Allow executing file as program’ under Execute. Select close and you are done. If you want to use command line then chmod 777 to the desktop file.

You will see the following screen when you successfully start the AndroMouse server. Now all you have to do is let it run and use your AndroMouse app in your phone to setup the connection – you can use either your WiFi or Bluetooth.

Connecting Using WiFi

Run the AndroMouse application on your phone. Tap on + icon from the action bar and select WiFi as shown in the figure below.

You can either type the server IP as shown by the AndroMouse server in your computer or tap on ‘Detect Server’ to have AndroMouse automatically detect your computer. You can also select from one of the previously connected setting for quick connection.

After successfully connection, the connection dialog closes and you are presented with the AndroMouse touchpad. The connection indicator at the bottom left of the screen will turn green with connected status as shown below:

The server will also change the connection status from ‘Disconnected’ to ‘Connected’

Connecting Using Bluetooth

Note: To make the connection process easier please pair your phone with your computer before using the bluetooth option. This is one time process only.

Run the AndroMouse application on your phone. Tap on + icon from the action bar and select Bluetooth. You will be presented with a list of paired devices where you can select the computer where AndroMouse Server is running as shown below:


AndroMouse Bluetooth Server Selection

You can also Scan for devices and pair from here.

After successfully connection, the connection dialog closes and you are presented with the AndroMouse touchpad. The connection indicator at the bottom left of the screen will turn green. The server will also change the connection status from ‘Disconnected’ to ‘Connected’.

You can view the connection details by click on the ” icon on the action bar.

Using Wireless Mouse

Once the connection with the server is made, you can use the AndroMouse touchpad as a mouse pad. Use the touch pad as you would use a laptop’s mouse pad. You can tap on the touchpad to send a click signal or use the mouse buttons below the touchpad to send click signals to your computer. Here is the list of signals that you can send using the touchpad, scroll bar and the mouse buttons.

Click Tap on touchpad or left click button
Double click Double tap on touchpad
Right click Tap on right click button or press on touchpad for 2 seconds. You can hide the click buttons from Settings.
Drag As you would do with your laptop
Scroll Use two fingers to scroll up and down or use the scroll bar (swipe up or down). You have the option to hide the scroll bar from Settings.
Zoom Apply pinch gesture on the touchpad to send zoom in/out signal to the AndroMouse server. Make sure to turn on this feature in Settings.

Using Keyboard

To use AndroMouse as a wireless keyboard, just tap on the text box that says ‘Type Here’ to use Android keyboard to send keyboard signals to AndroMouse server as shown below:


AndroMouse Keyboard

To hide the keyboard, tap on touchpad or check the ‘Keep Keypad’ option to leave it on screen. You can also type using your voice using the microphone icon located on the right side of the keyboard text box.

AndroMouse Extras

In addition to the standard mouse and keyboard feature, AndroMouse comes with ton of extra features called the AndroMouse Extras. Click on ” icon from the action bar to display AndroMouse Extras as shown below:

AndroMouse Extras

AndroMouse Extras

Each of the AndroMouse extra is shown below:

Function Keys

AndroMouse Function Keys

AndroMouse Function Keys



AndroMouse Speak to Type

AndroMouse Speak to Type

Media Remote

AndroMouse Media Remote

AndroMouse Media Remote

File Browser

AndroMouse File Browser

AndroMouse File Browser


AndroMouse Presentation

AndroMouse Presentation

Power Remote

AndroMouse Power Keys

AndroMouse Power Keys

Custom Keys

AndroMouse Custom Keys

AndroMouse Custom Keys

AndroMouse Settings

Select the Settings menu item from the action bar to open AndroMouse settings.

AndroMouse Help

AndroMouse comes loaded with basic help to get you started.

AndroMouse Help

AndroMouse Help

Thank You!!

To get additional help to the questions that you may have that are not available in the App or in this website, please leave your question in the comments section below. Thank you for downloading AndroMouse and if you like it please don’t forget to rate and leave a positive comment in the Play Store. Link to the application here.


10 thoughts on “AndroMouse 5.0

  1. Hi,
    Can I use this to control an android TV box (xiaomi mi box 3 enhance) by using WiFi/Bluetooth connection? Thank you

  2. Hi, I want to control my Ubuntu laptop from my Android phone – what rules do I need to add to the firewall to allow Andromouse through? The laptop is currently on Ubuntu 15.10 64-bit and is about to be upgraded to 16.04.

    • Hi Mark – You should allow java SE binary through your firewall, especially port 8888 which is default port used by AndroMouse.

  3. Everything was working great before id connect using bluetooth before i even had wifi at my house and it worked great recently it stopped working with bluetooth it says its connected but the mouae wont move. I use it with wifi and it works but i really liked having it with bluetooth because my bluetooth auto connects to my computer from my phone when i am near it. Should i redownload the server or try a dofferent port from what it auto assigned me?

    • Trevor – Please make sure that you have the latest server downloaded and the phone is paired with your computer

  4. Hi. Was going to leave msg wondering why doesn’t work in most Windows. Quit working in Notepad, Ultra Edit, Front-page, and Write. Sometimes in Word and always so far in OneNote. But when got to Playstore I saw updates so installed Android & Windows versions. Now only types A’s in and voice doesn’t work.

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